We are a national patient advocacy organization that supports public funding of stem cell research.

Many of our postings over the past year have been written by stem cell research advocate Don Reed. His blog is www.stemcellbattles.com.

We'd like to hear from you. Feel free to And remember, stem cells are for everyone!


Patients and their families and friends are passionate about advancing the stem cell search for effective treatments and cures.

But that search needs everyone’s help in order to succeed.  We’ve got to communicate to legislators the urgency of this research for millions of patients.  They should know that we want them not only to keep the research in all of its promising forms, including working with 5-7 day embryos (called "blastocysts") legal, but that we want them to take the next essential step and fund the research.

In many states, stem cell research risks being made illegal!  We plan in the future to keep you up to date about the battles being waged by patients and their advocates in individual states.  Please become active in promoting this life-saving reasearch in the state where you live. For more information about specific Congressional races, see the right column of this web page.

At the level of federal policy, there has been an ongoing battle during the past decade on stem cell research.  On balance, that policy has not been supportive of the research.  NIH funding for stem cell research is far from adequate.  And legislation passed in the House and Senate to remove the barriers to federal funding of the research were vetoed by the past President. With President Obama, we are more hopeful that stem cell research will receive the support it needs.