We are a national patient advocacy organization that supports public funding of stem cell research.

Many of our postings over the past year have been written by stem cell research advocate Don Reed. His blog is www.stemcellbattles.com.

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Election 2008

Voters’ ScoreCard — Stem Cell Research

Click on a state to find out about candidates’ positions on stem cell research and about legislative initiatives.

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We should all vote.Of course, a candidate’s position on stem cell research doesn’t, by itself, qualify or disqualify that candidate for public office. But it’s certainly a relevant consideration to those of us who have a severe illness in our families or among our friends.  We realize also that a candidate who supports stem cell research is likely to endorse other policies that are humane and beneficial.  So it is sometimes appropriate to choose between two or more candidates based on their attitude toward this research.

Why is stem cell research so important to us?  Because it promises to help us understand and heal severe illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, juvenile diabetes, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and some forms of cancer and heart disease.  This life-saving research, also called "regenerative medicine," is urgently needed by the tens of millions of Americans whose famili es or friends are afflicted by these illnesses.

On a national level, we want Congressional candidates to increase funding for this research in all of its promising forms, including working with embryonic cells to discover effective treatments and cures.  In state legislatures, too, we ask that our political representatives support research-enabling legislation to help us overcome debilitating diseases and injuries.

To help you, the voter, decide, we offer this compilation of candidate positions on stem cell research.   Those of us who have compiled this information are volunteers and our efforts are fallible.  When you find errors in this information, please report them to us and we will correct them.

Please note that the Stem Cell Action Network does not endorse any candidate for public office, but seeks only to educate.

The Democratic Platform for 2008 gives broad support to embryonic stem cell research.   The 2008 Republican Platform for 2008, on the other hand, expresses a religion-driven opposition and calls for a "ban on all embryonic stem cell research, public or private."  Yet there are Republicans in both the House and the Senate who favor the research and Democrats who oppose it.   We hope that over time more and more political representatives will recognize the life-saving potential of this new science. 

The information we provide is incomplete.  Please contact us if you additional information about candidate positions or legislative initiatives.