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Who We Are

We are a student group at the University of California at Berkeley and we're are interested in exploring the policy implications of stem cell research.  To that end, we've initiated an MCB 98/198 class, "Stem Cell Research and Public Policy."

On April 23, 2006, we will present a campus teach-in on the subject: "The Science and Politics of Stem Cell Research."   The aim of the teach-in will be to educate the community about major scientific developments and policy issues in this domain.   The teach-in will include speakers and exhibits assembled by the students themselves. 

The participants in this MCB class are:

Laurel Barchas, student, facilitator

Salman Banani, student

Raymond Barglow, facilitator

Tessa Berman, student

Taumoha Ghosh, student

Han (Steven) Lee, student

Aisha Qamar, student

Atul Saxena, student

Randy Schekman, facilitator

Leonard Wong, student

Pei-Hua Wu, student

Joanna Wung, student