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MCB Course

Stem Cell Research and Public Policy (SCRAPP)

Understanding the Science, Ethics, and Policy Aspects of Stem Cell Research


MCB 98/198 Group Study Offering for UC Berkeley Students, Spring 2006


Process: Students will educate themselves and the campus community about scientific, ethical, and public policy aspects of stem cell research (SCR).  Attention will be given to understanding the complexities of SCR issues and respecting the diverse perspectives that people bring to bear on these issues. Each student, in consultation with the facilitators, will develop an individual study plan for participating in this course.



  1. Student Education.  Those enrolled in this learning project will study individually and as a group, by way of learning about SCR issues and preparing the forum below.


  1. Campus Community Forum.  Students will organize a forum or teach-in on the UC Berkeley campus to educate the community about subjects such as:
  •  The basics of  SCR and its therapeutic potential

  •  The current status of SCR in California

  •  The current status of implementation of Proposition 71, in regard to funding, oversight, lawsuits, and relationships of California government to the institute established by Proposition 71.

  •  Public policy issues regarding SCR in other states and nationwide.



  1. Notebook.  Students will keep a notebook that records their experience in this course, including their reflections on what they read and on material discussed in group meetings.


  1. Forum.  Each student will help plan and conduct the forum/teach-in described above.


  1. Individual Project.  Optionally, a student may develop her/his own individual project related to SCR in its scientific, ethical, or public policy dimensions.


Faculty Sponsor: Randy Schekman, Ph.D.

Facilitators: Laurel Barchas and Raymond Barglow, Ph.D.