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A Project of Students at the University of California at Berkeley, Spring 2006

Our teach-in was held on campus on Sunday, April 23
at 2-4 PM!


The Berkeley City Council issued a "Proclamation," signed by the Mayor, in honor of the occasion.

Full-screen view
of Proclamation

We may develop our exhibits further and present them to the public on another occasion. 
E.g. at Sproul Plaza, Berkeley Farmers Market, and/or the Genetics Policy Institute conference at Stanford in early June.

Our exhibits:                                                                       

Introduction to the Science, Ethics, and Politics of Stem Cell Research
The Healing Potential of the Research: Spinal Cord Injury, Parkinson's, and Juvenile Diabetes
Current Status of the Research at UC Berkeley (this exhibit was not on display)
Stem Cell Bank -- What it is and How it Works
Religious Perspectives on Stem Cell Research
Proposition 71 and the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine
Stem Cell Research -- the Politics of the California Initiative Process
Stem Cell Research: Other States and the World

UC Students' Attitudes Toward Stem Cell Research