Berkeley Reading

The first reading of “Hildegard’s Wander Theater” was held in Berkeley California on July 12, 2005, at the home of Peter Barglow and Margret Schaefer.  In attendance were the three Barglow families and their friends. The coccasion was a happy one and included a party/celebration following the reading.

Below are excerpts from the videotape of the event.  You'll need QuickTime on your computer (for free download click here) to view the following clips on line, and also a broadband (high speed) Internet connection.  Even with that, YOU MAY FIND THAT IT TAKES A COUPLE OF MINUTES FOR THE ACTION TO BEGIN.

Song: "Hildegard and Herr Vadim"

Scene: “Hilde and Herr Vadim Walk to a Concert"

Song: "To Those Born Later" (Eisler)

The Party